Letters from the Grand Consul

Spring 2006

KeithLetter4rmGrandThe issues facing members of Sigma Chi are no longer just present at Colleges and universities. Sigma Chis now face the issues of the Society in which we live. Imagine the complexity of change that has occurred in the last 150 years. When our Founders met in the second-floor apartment on High Street in Oxford’s public square, they faced adversity that does not even exist today. Their motives-while pure and honest-could not take into consideration the complex matters for the society in which we live. But then again, nor did they dream that Sigma Chi would grow to more than 200,000 living members and exist at 221 colleges and universities. With all that we face, we are fortunate to have the guiding principles of our Founders to remind us how our values can lead us as we set the stage for the next 150 years.

Sigma Chi has recognized the need for change. With an inspired, shared vision and a well-developed plan, we will guarantee that Sigma Chi continues to grow and thrive for the next 150 years. My commitment to you as Grand Consul is we will not change for the sake of change. We will do what is right, not just what is easy. We will LEAD, we will not follow. By being aligned, focused and living our core values-friendship, justice and learning-Sigma Chi will not only survive during the next 150 years, we will thrive, Enjoy this issue as we examine how our core values have brought us this far, and how they will take us even further during these next 150 years.

Fall 2006

Throughout our lives, we are confronted with new and unfamiliar challenges. How we react and adapt to these new experiences shapes our character and defines us as men. Every day our undergraduate brothers face new challenges and make difficult decisions that define their lives and the lives of those around them.

During my travels to our chapters, heard directly from our brothers about their life-changing experiences: the death of a family member or friend; dealing with dif. ficult chapter issues, balancing the social and academic responsibilities of college, the penalties associated with leadership and living our values every day. As I listen to these stories, I am reminded of the challenges my chapter brothers and 1 faced during our undergraduate days and how the principles of Sigma Chiguided us. This foundation remains a constant in our lives, as does the importance of receiving strong support from our brothers.

In this issue, 13 of our undergraduate brothers share their stories, giving us insight into moments when they put their character into action. I know you will be inspired by how Sigma Chi has played a role in shaping these young men’s decisions during difficult times, and hope you are reminded of how Sigma Chi has shaped all of us as individuals.


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